Classical Ballet

The classical ballet reminds us of romantic dresses, beautiful bodies, ethereal beings…

The result can indeed be this. But to get it on stage requires long learning and practice. The body is moulded with strong and elegant muscles, with elastic ligaments and a strong heart. 

Ballet is a difficult art and learning it requires highly trained dance teachers in order for the student’s body to be safe and strong.

The benefits are many. Read and learn about the classes and levels of classical ballet at Ballet arts.


It is a type of dance that trains the dancer/student in different qualities (lyrical, jazz, musical, contemporary). At the same time it strengthens the body and teaches the dancer technique through a structure of exercises for the whole body. 

The goal is, to have a dancer ready and well prepared for different types of dance.

Important here, is the dancer’s expression (performance) in which the dancer is trained in each class through improvisation, the different emotion exercises, and through the different qualities of the exercises.

Modern ISTD
Μάθημα Σύγχρονου χορού - Ballet Arts Liza Kyriakidou

Contemporary Dance

Free your movement and your body through contemporary dance! 

Contemporary dance has dominated the world as one of the most important dance genres. It encourages creative freedom and artistic expression.

The syllabus (the syllabus) of the ISTD system, has been created by dancer and choreographer Dr Ross McKim and takes influence from choreographers Graham, Hawkins and Cohan. This syllabus helps students to gradually become familiar with the art of contemporary dance.

At Ballet arts we teach Contemporary ISTD syllabus, with elements of Graham, Contact and Commercial Contemporary for all ages.

Progressing Ballet Technique

The Progressing Ballet Technique is a revolutionary method designed by Marie Walton-Mahon to enhance muscle training and help students achieve their classical ballet goals to the maximum.

The ultimate goal of the program is to perfect movement coordination, alignment and posture through strengthening, flexibility and muscle memory.

Ballet arts has incorporated PBT into its student warm-ups and enjoys the safe development of its students into strong and flexible dancers.

PBT at Ballet Arts Dance Studio in Athens Greece


Acting, singing and dancing! The theatre in all its glory…

Every year we have more and more students in this class. This kind of dance theatre, has started to win over young and old alike because of the multifaceted requirements (singing, dancing and acting). Abroad it is already very widespread in theatre and cinema.

In our musicals class our students have a great time. The magic of the music, the lyricism of the lyrics combined with the dance movements and the theatricality create a magical environment where we all learn sooner or later to relax…dynamically.

Contemporary Release Technique

Discover the key features of the Contemporary Release Technique:

– Grounded Movement

– Flowing Movement

– Breath Integration

– Use of Space

– Improvisation

– Artistic Interpretation

Contemporary Release Technique
Χορός / Γυμναστική για Εγκύους

Dance / Gymnastics for Pregnant Women

During this time you will exercise carefully but also feel, sense and listen to your baby. Your relationship with your baby will be strengthened, you will learn to feel the needs of your body and your baby, and you will be able to adjust your daily routine so that you are both happy!

Modern Free Choreography

Unleash your dancing expression!

Discover the dynamic and exciting world of dance with the “Modern Free Choreography” course. This course is designed to spark your creativity and introduce you to all styles of modern dance. Lyrical, jazz, commercial, musical are the main styles we will be introduced to together, as you will also be given the opportunity to improvise and learn to create your own choreographies !

Στιγμιότυπο από την παράσταση "Jasmine" της Ballet Arts.
Στιγμιότυπο από μάθημα Modern ISTD Advanced

Jazz Quality and Technique

Jazz Quality and Technique (Minimum age: 13)

Improve your dance with quality and technique

Upgrade your dance skills and refine your technique with the ‘Jazz Quality and Technique’ course. Ideal for dancers who wish to improve the accuracy and perfection of their moves.

This course is carefully designed to incorporate a variety of dance styles including elements of jazz, lyrical and musical dance. It is a fantastic opportunity to delve into technical aspects and cultivate a strong foundation.