About Us

In Ballet arts, children and parents feel safe and warm.

As a mother of a student of the school (and we thank her for this expression) has said, “when you arrive at the entrance of the school, you are overwhelmed by a feeling of family coziness”. A warm smile in the reception desk, a sweet word from a teacher and countless happy faces. 

We are located in the southern suburbs and specifically in Glyfada. We have over 20 years of experience in the field. All teachers love what we do and we are fully trained and certified to safely teach any age from two and a half years old and up. The reason is that as all teachers, we continue our training every year with some hours of refresher training. This guarantees you about our level. 

Thanks to this level, children have graduated from our school with strong and flexible bodies, injury free, with perfect technique, with durable bonds of friendship and filled with beautiful memories. Some of these children have decided to pursue a career in dance. Through Ballet arts they have succeeded. 

In our school we use the RAD and ISTD systems. We have chosen these systems because they are the most established in their genre and also globally accepted. More details can be found on the websites: www.rad.orq.uk and www.istd.org.uk and in the RAD article (link). 

We will be happy to meet you in person.