The smile of the school. She is the director of Ballet arts. Lisa dreams and makes things happen, not just because she is able to, but also because children have taught her over the years that in life things are often simpler than we see them. 

In addition to teaching classical dance, Lisa brings joy and sweetness to the school. At the same time, she demands strict adherence to the rules, but she does so with a sweet smile as well.

Lisa’s cv is extensive. Read on and be convinced.


Straightforwardness that disarms. Her personality is a dance that makes us happy. Her choreographies are captivating. Unfortunately, however, there are only 24 hours in a day, as we often remind her.

Read her cv, it’s worth it.

She has a lot of experience and has created an amateur dance group that has achieved significant accolades in recent years.

Theresa Brown Ballet Arts Teacher Glyfada


In the advanced classes, …. awaits you “heavy artillery” of the school.

She has taught at professional dance schools and has choreographed major productions. If you take dance seriously, get ready to experience English finesse with Greek dynamism. No detail escapes this lady’s eye. 

Make sure to read her cv. It is of great interest and it is an honor for Ballet arts to have her near us.


An impulsive and adventurous personality. Don’t be fooled by the romantic appearance. Does she dance for a living? Does she live to dance? We haven’t quite figured out…

She creates wonderful choreography with dynamic movements. Her world is full of choreographies.

Read her cv and be convinced of her perfect training.

Ioanna Kavallari Dance Teacher Ballet Arts Glyfada


Smiling and full of love. She studied Midwifery but a great love for dance and children (not just newborns) brought her to the doorstep of Ballet Arts. 

Read her bio and be convinced. 


New blood, full of youth. She is the most recent signing of our team and came into the game with a lot of energy. A light presence. Heavy paperwork. Fortunately, the dance won her over and she joined us.

Read her great bio!

Sofia Zervakou Ballet Arts Dance Teacher Glyfada
Αργυρώ-Μανώλια Ζενετζή

Argyro-Manolia Zenetzi

A new breath of life has come to us from London. She recently graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and dance. She’s here to stir us up. Clearly!


A warm welcome and a gurgling laugh awaits you at the entrance.

Among other things, she takes care of the orderly running and decorating of the space. She is constantly looking for reasons and excuses to organize a nice event.

Evie is available during the opening hours of the secretariat.

Γραμματεία Ballet Arts Γλυφάδα


I don’t appear but I exist.
I boost the online presence of the school.
I won’t reveal, good marketing requires mystery… no link provided here and don’t ask for it at the reception desk.

We are looking for people to join our team!