School Rules

  1. Dads are not allowed to be in the dressing room when the children are getting ready.
  2. Food is allowed inside the school, only when a student has consecutive classes.
  3. We promote recycling and appreciate it if you bring your own water bottle.
  4. Please maintain complete silence in the locker room and outside the small room.
  5. Tips for parents:
    – Children feel your distress. When your child enters the class, smile and show them exactly where you will be sitting. The teacher will open the door often enough for them to see you until your children are comfortable with you.
    – Do not ask to enter the studio unless there is a serious reason. If one parent enters, then the other children will also ask to see their parent.
    – If your child is sleeping before a ballet class, do not wake it up. You can always arrange with us to make up for the lost class another day.
    – If the teacher decides to hold the door open at the beginning, please do not try to look inside.
  6. If you have complaints, please discuss them with us and not just between you.
  7. If your child misses any lessons, they can make up for them with other lessons at the same level or a modern lesson. No refunds will be given, nor will the tuition be deducted.
  8. If the school is responsible for cancelling a class, then it will be made up as soon as possible (weather conditions are not such a case 👀)
  9. The school’s tuition fees are annual, not monthly. The months of December, January, April and June are paid in full.
  10. As a rule, new children are not allowed to enter for exams unless Mrs. Lisa allows it.
  11. Children who have been absent from the school for 2 months cannot enter for exams unless Mrs Lisa approves
  12. Children starting school after December, onwards cannot enter for exams.