RAD (Royal Academy Of Dance) has created a learning method that is unique in the world. It is targeted for children who are studying ballet outside of a ballet academy. So it is adapted to the way classes are taught in our society: children who go to a ballet school two or three times a week and are not used to the daily and long hours of ballet practice that is done in the academies. As a result, the children need a method that teaches them safely, since the gaps between classes make it dangerous to expose them to the same hard work that is done in the academies, where they can be trained fairly quickly in complex and demanding exercises without risking their physical wellbeing, since they are adequately practiced on a daily basis. 

This has therefore led to the creation of a ballet syllabus that children practice at a slower pace in the early years, since their bodies need more time to build the strength and resilience that ballet requires. Once they have reached an advanced level, and the teacher allows them to do so, the more demanding training gradually begins.

Each level is based on the anatomical abilities of each age with great respect and attention to the child and their proper anatomical development.

After such a safe education that usually lasts 12 years, the student, if he or she wishes, is able to take exams in higher professional dance schools in our country or even in a foreign university. 

Several of the children who started and finished their ballet training at Ballet arts are now professionals in Greece and abroad.

All RAD teachers are registered at the London Academy. These teachers have undergone rigorous training and are highly trained to teach all levels. From July 2013 all teachers, in order to keep their qualification, must demonstrate annually, their ongoing professional training and also extend their training. This assures you the parents and the Academy as to the standard of the teachers. So all RAD teachers continue their studies throughout their careers.

RAD awards diplomas that are internationally recognized. The organization has its headquarters in London and is present in 79 countries around the world.