20 Years Ballet Arts – Awarding of Diplomas – Unveiling of the show

On Sunday 21.11.22, Ballet Arts organized a celebration for the 20 years of the school. On the same evening, the diplomas for the RAD and ISTD exams that the children took over the summer were awarded. At the end, there was also the reveal of the show the kids will be putting on in the summer of 2023!

The event started with a lot of emotion and a flashback to the past when Lisa Kyriakidou, 20 years ago, announced to her father that she intended to open a dance school in Greece while he was living in Cyprus. She spoke of his support and love even though he did not want his daughter to move away from him. She then set up Ballet Arts with much love and passion and grown it into a healthy dance school that stands for quality teaching, love and a family atmosphere. From then until now she has always chosen the staff to teach the children of the school with great care and responsibility.

Thanks were extended to all her colleagues, and we had the pleasure of having with us those who no longer teach at the school but have been an integral part of the school for many years.

The Advanced Foundation, Contemporary, Musical Teens and Musical Kids children then each presented a piece of work they learnt during the dance lessons. The atmosphere was magical.

In attendance were older students of the school, now in college, who also started as toddlers at this school and grew up learning dance, creating bonds and friendships that have stood the test of time and always expressed love for the school that hosted them throughout their childhood.

The lights went down and “Happy Birthday” to Ballet Arts was heard from young and old alike. All of the children blew out their candle on the cup cake that was handed out to them.

The highlight of the evening, what all the students have been waiting for over a month and a half, was the announcement of the show!

By the time of the reveal, the large poster depicting the story was covered with a red cloth. Many “tricks” had been tried out by the students during that month and a half to find out which show the children would present. Envelopes that were supposed to contain information of the performance would mysteriously disappear and reappear in the same place and the pupils would persistently ” fishing” their teachers for more information, showing great mastery. But the teachers’ mouths were kept tightly shut, so as not to spoil the surprise, and the school’s files deliberately contained information irrelevant to the performance. The pleasure was great during this month and a half with our little explorers!

So the much anticipated story they will be presenting is “Jasmin. choose wisely”. A story based on the tale of “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” but adapted by Lisa Kyriakidou.

Casting and rehearsals will start soon.

After the announcement of the show the party started. Children, parents and teachers danced, ate, drank and had a great time.

Let’s all wish Ballet Arts a Happy Birthday and continue in the same spirit of love and cooperation for at least as many years to come!

For the wonderful decoration of the venue we thank Mrs Evi Aeraki and Mrs Ioanna Alexandridi.

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