Unlocking Grace: The Surprising Benefits of Ballet

In this article we will introduce you to the benefits of ballet. By the end of the article you will have understood, for those who do not know, what are the elements that make ballet the most widespread kind of dance.

As we have mentioned in the article “History of ballet”, this art appeared very early, during the Italian Renaissance. This, and other elements such as its music and the fact that it is the basis for most dance genres, place ballet among the classical arts. From a properly trained ballet teacher or instructor, therefore, the child will acquire the appropriate classical education.

We all look at the graceful bodies of the ballet dancers and the muscular bodies of the dancers with admiration. Have you ever wondered why their bodies are so beautiful? Ballet, through its long training, gives even outside the classroom a proper posture and very strong muscles, but they are slender and elegant. Students who have been doing ballet for years have already acquired some of this grace and strength. But it’s not just proper posture and muscle strength that makes dancers’ bodies so elegant. The ballet student’s years of exposure, in the hall of mirrors, have properly trained them to move confidently wherever they are, because that is what they have learned. This confidence adds grace and beauty.

Then, the flexibility that the child gains through ballet exercises and through Progressing Ballet Technique ensures ligaments, which, having gained strength and flexibility, ultimately prevent injuries. You can read more in our website on PBT.

Μάθημα κλασικού μπαλέτου επίπεδο Advanced 1 στη σχολή χορού Ballet Arts Liza Kyriakidou Γλυφάδα. Δασκάλα χορού Tereza Brown Fournarakou
Classical Ballet level Advanced 1 of RAD System at Ballet Arts Athens. Teacher Tereza Brown Fournarakou


Of course, we cannot fail to mention the confidence that children gain as they move from one level to the next each year, seeing their achievements. They understand that behind the wonderful grace that ballet gives, lies hard and persistent work….and the children know it. Also, each class develops a dynamic through the interaction of the children and this boosts their morale since they all have a common goal: to perform the movements correctly, an activity that requires the use of multiple skills at the same time.

The discipline that ballet requires is also remarkable. It builds children’s character and teaches them not to give up on the goals they have set. Ballet is the perfect opportunity for a child to learn how to set goals, since in order to perform a complex exercise, you must first perform all the smaller movements that will lead to the desired result in a whole body. So he sets small goals first and, once he has achieved them, he sets his sights on a bigger goal. In this way, the team spirit is promoted at the same time, since there is a common goal for all children without exception.


Anyone who dances knows that through dance we are connected to our inner world. The personal way in which each child performs the dance movements is essentially his or her creative expression. This expression is therapeutic as it is known to enhance mental health. We should mention here the mental relaxation offered by classical music and the commitment to an endeavor.


Ballet exercises also enhance memory and wit due to their complexity. Students are required to remember movements in great detail. The details involve head movement, body direction, arms and legs while using the correct technique learned according to each student’s level. This is by no means an easy task, but by learning their bodies from an early age, starting to distinguish right from left, they slowly but surely begin to perform more complex exercises.


As you can see, the benefits of ballet extend far beyond dance school. From fitness and mental well-being to self-expression and personal growth, ballet offers a holistic experience for children. Finally, we would like to emphasize how important it is to choose the right teacher who can guide your child’s journey with knowledge and love. There is no shame in asking for a teacher’s degree when we go to enroll our child in a dance school. It is a parent’s responsibility to choose for their child the most highly qualified teacher they know.


Let the transformative power of ballet trigger your child’s passion and unleash their potential for a lifetime.

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